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Umbro Tocco 2: Back in Black

Umbro have once again created a new colorway for the brand’s control boot, the Tocco 2. The official colorway is Black/Quiet Shade/Limeade. The boot is mostly black at the base with Quiet Shade on the double diamond logo. The outsole is Limeade which adds flavor to the otherwise tame colorway. 

Umbro have stated that the boot is made for those who want that extra edge in terms of first touch and control. While you can use the boot in any position you play in, the boot is perfectly suited for box-to-box midfielders, defenders and goalkeepers who may be a sweeper keeper system. 

The Tocco 2 is made of “Optima” K-leather and features embossed grooves to help that first touch feel as soft as possible. Inside the boot, we find Umbro’s D30 Zero Impact technology that adds more cushioning that reduces ball bounce. All that really means for the player is that the Tocco competes for some of the most comfortable control touches on the market. On the soleplate, Umbro has gone with the Pebax Powered Control+ outsole that grips the ground to give the player more traction when controlling the ball. Umbro have also added wishbone technology to help give the player that extra boost when sprinting to maximize energy return. 

The Tocco 2’s new colorway is now available on Umbro’s website


Colorway Rating: Pretty, Pretty, Pretty Good


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