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Puma Italy 2018 Home Kit Review

After some demand for some jersey reviews, I decided to review some kits, training gear, and other products that may go overlooked in the wide world of boot reviews! So to start off, I am reviewing the Puma Italy 2018 Home Kit that the fine folks at Puma Football sent over with my name on the back. So without further ado, let’s get into the review.

My kit came In a presentation box that had a see-through cutout with a blue border and “First Passion” printed on the bottom. Opening the box up, the shirt is on the inside and has some tech specs written in the box.

Thermoregulation: Engineered fins provide moisture management and adaptive cooling channels that help create the perfect on-pitch body temperature.

Dry: dryCELL provides enhanced moisture management created by high performance yarn.

Fit: The seamless evoKNIT construction provides a lightweight “second skin” feel.

The shirt is a fairly clean cut and basic design overall. It’s the nice royal blue that we see on all the Italian home kits, but this time, there are some white dots in the chest area up to the collar. The collar is a basic black and only goes to about the top of the collarbone it turns into the blue. The puma logo on the right side of the chest is white and adds a nice contrast. The brand new Italian logo features the Italian flag with Italia within the badge, and 4 stars above the logo. FIGC is found within the logo as well, surrounded by a ball shape. The sleeves have a line of the white dots with white Puma logos in the middle of the sleeves. On the end of the sleeve is a black liner with the Italian flag in the middle of the black. The back of the shirt features a thin black area on the back of the neck with the Italian flag right below the collar. My shirt features my last name “York” on the back right below the flag.

The shirt is extremely comfortable and can be worn both casually and on pitch. It is plain enough to be worn with any kind of jogger and lightweight enough to wear during any training session.

Overall, the Puma Italy 2018 Home kit is a slam-dunk, both in the simplicity and the tech specs. It really is a shame that we won’t be seeing the Italians rocking this kit on field during the next World Cup, but at least we were able to see the legend that is Buffon wear this kit before he retires.

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