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LOSC Lille 2011-12 Champions League Player Issue Home Shirt Review

One of the reasons I have started doing kit reviews is in the hopes that maybe I can help some folks with finding a kit maybe they have been searching for awhile or are having trouble finding a reviewer of kits who is not a taller person. I love kits that aren’t the ones you see everyday. Maybe it’s a smaller club, an older kit, or just something that’s flat out different from everything else. My love for kits is something I am proud to be able to put online and something that I hope can help those who are searching for kits that they have previously had issues finding. You can find this kit over at https://www.classicfootballshirts.co.uk/ and while you are there, you can check out their daily deals that are part of a Christmas Advent Calendar. Do yourself a favor and check out the massive selection of rare and hard to find football shirts for prices you cannot find anywhere else.

Design: Sometimes simple is better and that is truly the case here with the Lillie Home Kit design from back in 2011-12. The Red base is found from the front and back of the kit, only interrupted by two horizontal lines in the middle of the chest on the front side. The Navy Blue and White lines stretch from sleeve to sleeve with the Navy on top, white underneath the Navy. Directly in the middle of the lines, you can find the Red outlined Umbro branding on the right side, along with the LOSC Lille crest over the heart. In case there are any newcomers to discovering the LOSC Lille, this was the former badge before being converted into a more simplistic design, much like Manchester City did. The sponsor at the time, Partouche, has a white logo placed a little beneath the horizontal lines. One of the easiest ways to tell that this is the Champions League Issue kit is that the Partouche logo is actually smaller on the Champions League kit than on the standard kit.

Comfort: As a fan of Umbro kits, this was no surprise that this was one of the more comfortable kits you can find on the market. Umbro kits have always been made with some materials that offer a high end T-Shirt type of feel. I’m not talking the type of feel you get from something from your plain ole shirt from your local store, but something that not only can be worn on field, but also on a day to day basis and feel like you are in luxury.

Tech: I searched long and hard all over the Internet for the tech on this shirt and could not find anything on this. However, just from wearing the kit and getting a feel for the subtle difference between this kit and the Manchester City kits that were developed at the same time, it was clear what Umbro was trying to accomplish. Ths shirt feels more like an everyday shirt compared to the Nike and adidas kits at the time, which were basically undershirts with someone’s name on the back. If you know me or have seen me out and about, you know that I love the comfort of the Umbro kits from around 2010-2013. The comfort and longevity of the shirts is something that has drawn me to the brand for a long time.


Fit: As a man who is 6’2 and an athletic build, it is sometimes difficult finding that perfect fit. But it seems that I continue to find that the ideal fit with Umbro kits from the 2011-12 season in an XL. I have broad shoulders and that sometimes makes finding great fitting shirts difficult. But I can’t stop wearing this kit due to it’s comfort, and I have had several people ask where they can find it. There is just something special about wearing a kit around that is hard to find in your area. I have found plenty of those online thanks to my friends over at CFS.

Price: You can snag another incredible deal on a this Player Issue Champions League Home Kit, for only 12.99 pounds ($16.67). One of the reasons I am extremely thankful for CFS is that not only can you find shirts that are hard to find anywhere else, but also you can pay for high end shirts for under the $20 range and get exactly what you are looking for. Anytime you can find a Player Issue kit, I would jump at the chance if you are someone who wants to look and feel exactly like the players you see on the field in the Champions League.

Overall: 4.5/5.

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  1. I am a huge chelsea fan and i remember seeing hazard in this before he joined us its a beautiful kit thanks for the review

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