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Hunter’s Quick Takes 7/21/16

I thought that this page would be all about my thoughts, feelings, opinions, etc… about what is going on in the sports world this week or more than likely, the past few weeks. It is not a hard thing to find some sort of breaking news in a modern sports world that involves so many talk shows, blogs, and websites that constantly spew out information regarding some sport or news related to sport. That being said, I have complied a few takes from the sports news that I found interesting.

Johnny Manziel

In one of the most public fall from grace’s we have ever seen, Manziel has gone quite literally from being on top of the football world when he won the Heisman Trophy in 2012, to now being a free agent that seems to be sent out in the desert to wander for 40 years. No one and I mean NO ONE seems to want to touch Johnny Football right now. The former Texas A&M Quarterback has been unemployed since he was released by the Cleveland Browns this offseason and has yet to find a a team to even contact him it seems. Manziel has not been in hiding though, he has been doing a lot of volunteer work in the community this off season. If by volunteer work you mean promoting clubs every other night, and by community you mean Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and many other major cities. It has been heart breaking to see a young man decline in such fashion since a college career that can only go down as one of the best all time for a QB. At this rate, it will be hard to see Manziel making a team at all, let alone starting another game.

Russia (Olympic Team)

While it has been known fact and proven at this point that the Russian federation had athletes test positive for banned substances during the last olympics, some more news has come out that the World Anti-Doping Agency or WADA has called out the entire, yes the ENTIRE team. In short, the entire Russian delegation, in every sport, would not be allowed to participate in the Olympics this summer in Rio. The IOC or International Olympic Committee seems very reluctant to actually take this action, but if any more information comes to light, we could actually see an Olympics without Russia. In my humble opinion,  Russia is sitting on a fence and the IOC could swing either way. According to multiple reports, Russia seems to expect a final decision by or on Sunday (7/25/16). Either way, this is pretty crazy right? So close the Olympics and all of those athletes may not be able to go in the end. Wow.


In a world where there is only bright and sunny skies, 70 degree weather with a nice cool breeze, there is no Tom Brady playing football. However, it seems that we will still have the New England Patriots QB playing football this season. But he will not be there for the first 4 game of the season as the whole Deflatgate scandal has finally come to a close. For something that took way too long to end, Brady lost his final appeal and stopped his court case against the NFL and will finally see out a suspension that should have been long over with by now. [The NFLPA says that they will continue to fight it all the way to the Supreme Court to try to quell some of Roger Goodell, but without one of original plaintiffs, they likely do not stand a chance.] By now we know that Brady was caught red handed and like a spoiled teenage brat who was caught doing something forbidden on their phone, he destroyed it (conveniently) when the NFL came calling for it. Pro tip for any one who is trying to look innocent, do not destroy something that has evidence on it or for that matter, do not destroy anything. I am upset at how long it took for any sort of solution to come to be, but I am happy Brady will finally have to serve the suspension he earned a long time ago.

The sports world was kind to us this week in terms of giving us plenty of stories this week. I am sure we will back soon with some more stories that will make these stories look (literally) like old news. Stay Tuned.

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