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Great Textversations: 4/10/17 – The 2026 Joint World Cup Bid


CONCACAF announced that there would be a joint bid for the 2026 World Cup by the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.  Hunter and Zander have already made their feelings on the issue known in Episode Fifteen of the MMITM podcast, but there were some interesting developments that make it better.  They had a back and forth on the news and developments.

Hunter:  The Joint bid for 2026 is now real. Stupid doesn’t even begin to describe that move

Zander:  I saw that. I have no enthusiasm for it.

H:  One of the biggest issues that held us back from our last World Cup bid winning was distance traveling apparently, so what’s the response? Add two more countries too it.

Z:  That’s what they say held us back, but the Brazil World Cup had some teams, especially the USMNT, travel thousands of miles. The travel accommodations in the US make travel considerably less strenuous and I find it to be a dumb reason.

H:  This bid doesn’t benefit the US. Not one bit. It was clearly a piggy back bid from Canada and Mexico since neither could host it Alone. Stupid bid from US, especially in a year that we could actually win

The bid alone

Z:  Right because we definitely are not in a position to win the World Cup. It is like we said in the podcast. It would make sense for FIFA to host the first expanded WC in the United States for economic reasons – it would just be better here – and that is why Canada and Mexico are be so parasitic. I also found out that the CONCACAF president who was and is such a proponent of this plan is also the VP of FIFA which seems shady, especially if we win easily.

H:  I just think it’s dumb because the US just proved how easy and well we can host big events like last summer with the Gold Cup. But of course, I feel like the US was bullied into a joint bid despite how obvious it would be to just simply bid alone. We should feel zero obligation to include Mexico and Canada in a joint bid

Z:  I agree. It is the globalist view that invades much of the soccer bureaucracy, which is ironic to say the least considering how each nation feels about their team.

H:  https://www.facebook.com/foxsoccer/videos/10154766058042946/

interesting points from the announcement. Explains the amount of games in each country. Which makes me go, why even include them at that point?

Z:  That actually changes how I feel about this whole situation. Wow. That does seem appropriate for the situation. Sounds like Mexico and Canada will get one group and a semifinal with everything else going to the US.

H:  Just makes it seem pointless to include them in the bid.

Z:  To me it appears that CONCACAF was like, “Hey Sunil, we’ve got a great idea. A joint bid.” And Sunil said, “Oh yeah. But the US gets most of it, right? Cuz we will not accept anything else.” And CONCACAF caved. The inclusion of the other countries now makes the bid more attractive in the eyes of FIFA and the US gets most of the benefit because as much as an American World Cup would be great, FIFA hates us.

H:  I read something interesting that FIFA could completely change the bid. For good and bad for us. Meaning they could give more games to Mexico and Canada or just give it to the USA. They have complete control over it, also reports saying that CONCACAF, may be the only bid. Europe, Asia/Russia and South America, have been told they wouldn’t win it in 2026. So that leaves Africa and Oceania. And they may not bid for 2026 and 2030 will be a focus for the rest of the world

Z:  That also seems petty shady and once again makes me dubious of the whole thing.

H:  It’s certainly all weird but I think once the details come out we will see it’s not too bad at the end

If the US can keep 3/4 of the games then I can live with it. But they better be available on English channels if games in Mexico are played

Z:  There is no way that the games would be left off of English television, but yeah, as of now I am happy with the situation.

H:  I would agree that it should be on English TV and with the World Cup there is just no way it will not be on English TV. I will be intrigued to find what cities will be hosting in both Canada and Mexico

Z:  Well, I would assume Vancouver, Quebec, and Mexico City. Mexico would have a second city, I presume, but I don’t know which.

H:  Again, I just find the 80 game World Cup, with 60 in the US, 10 in Mexico, and 10 in Canada just pointless to have 3 countries. Obviously like I stated above it could all change, but only a few games here and there in the bordering countries seems like a waste of time and travel for the teams involved

Z:  If those two other countries help the US get what amounts to basically a full World Cup of games, then I am fine with whatever. They are not taking advantage of the US in this current situation, but you are right that it could change once FIFA gets ahold of it.

H:  Now all I want is Indy and or Nashville to host some matches. If that happened I would be one happy man. And hopefully able to cover the matches. But I am assume Chicago will get a match before either Indy or Nash. But I will still go if it is close. That would be crazy to go to. Any amount of World Cup matches in the US is fine with me

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