Welcome to Meet Me In The Middle!

Started in 2016 by owners, Hunter York and Zander Faidley, Meet Me In The Middle was originally intended to be a landing site for the eponymous podcast.  The name was a geographic pun, referencing Hunter being from Oxford, MS and Zander from Indianapolis, IN and starting this while at school in Nashville TN, and a testament to the disparate viewpoints the two had on sports.  Over the course of time, it grew into a collection of sports and news articles written from diverse viewpoints, keeping with the theme.  Today, with a recently updated website, MMITM is growing and ready to bring more news and sports to the people of the web.

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Recently, MMITM and Football Boot Review, a separate project of Hunter York, joined forces.  FBR has a large following on social media and focuses on the ever evolving world of soccer cleats, but it lacked an adequate permanent page.  Now, it has a dedicated page on MMITM and hopes to continue to bring the truth about boots to the people.



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