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A Great Flickin’ Time: Biñho Board

Are you a soccer junkie like me? Are you the kind of person that likes everything in and around the beautiful game? Well, then I have the game for you. It’s called Biñho Board.

Biñho is a finger-flicking game that takes all of the fun of soccer and turns it into a fast paced, fun game to play when you have any free time. I have spent the last two weeks playing Biñho Board whenever I had a moment of spare time, my friends and family were eager to start up another game of Biñho. With all that time under my belt, I think I am well suited to give you a review of the Binho Board. My first impression of the Biñho Board started with the packaging. The box is clean and simple with white cardboard and black branding. Simple enough. But when you open the box, you are met with “quotes” of famous athletes and actors talking about Biñho Board. I will let you read them all below by zooming in, but my personal favorite has to be:

“I don’t count my flicks… I only start counting once it starts hurting

Muhammaed Ali (Probably)

The Design

In terms of design, the fine folks at Biñho have smashed it. You have a model soccer field and a sturdy wood base with a carpet on top that helps give the illusion of playing on a grass surface. You are given ten metal pegs that act as your players that easily screw into a 4-4-2 formation in your own half to protect the goal. Think of the formation as what Jose Mourinho does with parking the bus when trying to hang on to a narrow victory. Of course, you cannot play a game of soccer without a ball, so Biñho uses a marble-like ball that is easy to flick and push into proper position. The bands outlining the border of the pitch are stretchy and can act as a way to bounce the ball into the right angle for a shot on goal. If the ball gets stuck in a corner, never fear! You are able to use the bands and your finger as a way to flick it out of the area. The goals come in different designs and material, my goals were made of plastic, which I found easy to fold into the square net you see in the online pictures. In over two weeks of playing the game, the board has remained in great shape and sits nicely on my coffee table. While my board, provided for this review, was in black with white stripes and matching border bands, you can order your own custom board with any design you can think of! Will we see a Meet Me in the Middle or FBR custom board in the future??

The Rules

Like any board game, there are rules we have to follow and Biñho Board is no different. Thankfully, the rules are simple and easy to pick up on right away. Here are the rules as laid out by the fine people over at Biñho:

Biñho Board Rules

Standard Game – Tournament Rules

1. The game starts with the ball at center field.

2. First to shoot is to be determined by the players on the field with either rock, paper, scissors or an arm wrestling match. If the player who won the previous match is still on the board, they shoot first.

3. Teams then alternate shooting from where the ball comes to a complete stop.

4: If playing 2 in 2* shot still alternates between the teams: team one(t1)/player one(p1) shoots, t2/p1 shoots, t1/p2 shoots, t2/p2 shoots and repeat.

5. Game is first team to 7 goals.

6. The ball must COMPLETELY cross the goal line if viewed from in front of the goal to be a goal (there should be turf visibility if the ball crosses completely over the line).

7. It is still a goal if the ball crosses the goal line and bounces out.

8. After each goal, the team that was scored on kicks off from center field.


The consequences for a YELLOW card and a RED card are as follows below:

Yellow Card – opponent free kick is from the center field.

A second yellow card is now a red card.

Red Card – opponent penalty kick from anywhere behind the midfield line and the infracting player loses a player. To determine which player is lost, opponent is to flip the yellow/red card (like a coin flip) while infracting player calls either red or yellow in the air. Player who wins the flip chooses the player to be lost for the rest of the match.

After a red, the cards reset.

9. If the player shooting inadvertently touches or “double touches” the ball before they have shot, it is a yellow card. If done within his/her own box, it is a red card.

10. Touching the crossbar of the goal with your finger on any shot is an automatic red card. 

11. If the ball is shot out of bounds from outside of your own box, it is a yellow card. If it is shot out of bounds from within your own box, it is a red card.

12. When the ball is against the bands, you may flick from behind the bands (with your fingers technically out of bounds).

13. If the ball is up against the sideline or baseline, the player shooting the ball may only move the band back with his/her shooting hand.

14. It is a yellow card if the board moves while the player is in the act of shooting, and it is a red card if done within their own box.

15. The shooting player’s head cannot cross the midfield line during his or her shot.

16. Enjoy!

I think rule 16 is my favorite of the bunch but maybe that’s just me!

The Play

Now, I have mentioned how fun and fast-paced the games can be, but actually experiencing it for yourself is a pretty wild experience. With games being played to 7, it can take anywhere from 5 to 15+ minutes depending on how you and your opponent are playing that match. I played with several friends as well as my two brothers, and after a few matches I started getting decent at the game! Learning how to use different shots and angles to make harder shots was the biggest learning curve for me. Once games get heated, you will start seeing how it is like a real footy match with the goal line clearances, insane long range goals, and seemingly impossible comeback victories. I feel as if I have a great feel for the game now and I am ready to take on any and all challengers in this game… maybe not some of the professional challengers though. Overall, I have not had a single feeling of boredom or wanting to stop playing this game.. Maybe this review should come with an addiction warning because I, Hunter York, am addicted to the Biñho Board.

Final Verdict

Whether it is for fun with friends and family, or in a heated competition with other footy lovers, Biñho will leave you wanting to stay on and play again and again and again. I keep finding myself asking people to play the game on weekends or with the family. With its mix of simple gameplay and soccer-like elements, Binho offers a new, fun way to experience the beautiful game that will keep you coming back time and time again. If you are sitting on the fence about buying a Biñho Board… Then what are you doing?! Experience the finger-flicking sensation for yourself and tell them FBR sent ya! 

Rating: Shut up and Take my Money

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