Episode Twelve – 6/28/16

Hunter – “Team Mom over here.  Making the, you know, muffins for after the games.”

Zander – “You’re the one making muffins after this.”

Hunter – “Yes, because I want blueberry muffins.  Give us money.  I’ll cook muffins more often if we’re given money to do so.”

On a sad day for sports, Hunter and Zander remember two passed legends.  Then, they move on to the recently finished Copa America and the currently progressing Euro 2016.  Also, they talk about muffins and cooking.

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Episode Eleven – 6/24/16

Zander – “Ha-Kacha! That was me pantomiming the punch.”

Hunter – “You shoulda seen it.  It was awful.”

The NBA Draft 2016 is in the books and the knockout stage of Euros 2016 is about be written.  Check out this episode to hear Hunter and Zander discuss this and more.

And don’t forget to check out our intro/outro music by Hales Corner:
Garden Views – Hales Corner

The Conjuring (2013)

To be perfectly honest, this would not be my first choice on how to start Zander’s Movie Corner, ideally I would start this thread with a magnum opus by Kubrick, or PTA, or Wes, or an expansive theory about Forrest Gump and its allegorical connections to the American Dream and a lost generation; however, I just watched The Conjuring (2013), directed by James Wan, and felt compelled to share my thoughts.  The movie is a highly fictionalized story from the vaults of world renowned ‘demonologists, paranormal investigators, ghost hunters, and wackos’ to paraphrase the movie versions of Ed and Lorraine Warren.  Under normal rules, this movie is still under spoiler alert status, but I think that a sequel, which came out June 10th, negates the usual rules; so, I will continue unimpeded. Continue reading The Conjuring (2013)