Everything Football Boot Review New Release

New Release: Adidas Turbocharge Pack


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The Ace 17+ headlines the pack with a trio of versions.  The Stadium is seen above and the Cage is largely the same.  The Street version is considerably different beyond the obvious in that the color is almost entirely grey.  There are no outright new techs, but the Purecut sock, full Primeknit upper, and Boost sole have all been updated and further refined.


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The X also comes in the three varieties as the Ace:  Stadium, Cage, and Street.  The Stadium has a green two tone fade pattern on the upper and plate that is slightly reminiscent of a Sprite can and the Cage, again, is virtually the same.  Maintaining the precedent set by the Ace, the Street is vastly different and nearly wholly grey.  There are the same techs as previous models – the Non Stop Grip, Purecut Sock System, and Sprintframe outsole – and remains a great boot.


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Messi is apparently feeling good about this year’s Ballon d’Or with this release.  The boot is a sort of counterpoint to the Ace and X, using the green minimally and the gold as the main color.  The boot has the same tech and feel as the other Messi renditions, but definitely flashes in a new way.

Copa 17.1:

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There is little new about the Copa in this pack.  It has the same K-leather, compression tounge, and internal components, e.g. OrthoLite® sockliner and Sprintframe construction, but it does have a new stud pattern to facilitate a balance between weight and stability.  The color way is the least flashy of the pack and doesn’t really look like it belongs, but it is still good looking.  For the type of people who tend to buy the Copa, the color way would likely be to their liking.  The stitching does make it look quite comfortable and supportive, but borders on looking like a New Balance orthopedic, so it is a fine line Adidas is treading.

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